Warorot Market

Warorot Market, or Kad Luang, is the largest market in Chiang Mai, established over 100 years ago. The local people come here to buy Northern food specialities such as the sai ua spicy sausage, the Vietnamese moo yo pork sausage, green chilli paste called nam prik noom, and dried fruits. One section, Trok Lao Zhou, is a source of Chinese and Hmong produce and handicrafts. Another is Ton Lam Yai, the flower market. There are also clothes, ceramics, fabrics, and plenty of goods to attract visitors.

Tha Phae Walking Street (Sunday Night Market)

Beginning at the ancient Tha Phae Gate and extending for about a kilometre along Rachadamnoen Road, the market opens every Sunday afternoon. This is a place to visit for Northern Thai handicrafts, and in many cases, the vendors are the makers of their own products. Locally made clothing, shoes and jewellery are also for sale, there are restaurants and coffee shops along with plentiful food stalls and colourful street entertainers.

One Nimman

An uber-hip shopping mall on Nimmanhaemin Road, One Nimman is a brick-built indoor-outdoor building with shops, restaurants and bars that are operated by creative local residents. Here you can find fashion from local designers, fabrics, organic food and drink, paintings and sculpture, and health products. Weekend evenings dance classes are organised. The mall’s food court has multiple outlets, and there is parking for cars and coaches. 

Baan Kang Wat Artist Village

Baan Kang Wat is a charming artist village, with its rustic buildings set along leafy pathways. The village was established for local artists to run their own businesses and workshops, and out of this has grown a friendly community. Each of the quirky little shops has intriguing décor, and the selection of carvings, paintings, fabrics, and other handicrafts will provide inspiration for gifts and your own home decor.  Some of the artists offer classes in their studios.

Jing Jai Farmers Market

Jing Jai (or sincere in Thai) market, also known as JJ market, takes place every Saturday and Sunday morning and is a serene place with no motorcycles allowed. This is a market where farmers display their own grown products directly from the farm, and locals sell their homemade or home-cooked food. You can enjoy organic food, craft stalls with handmade goods, farm-fresh fruit and veg, and sustainable produce. A small temple adds to the atmosphere. 

Kalm Village

Kalm Village has been created by the Rojanapirom family, who are noted architects and believe that arts, crafts and culture are integral to life. The village lies in the heart of Chiang Mai Old City and has eight houses made of black brick and connected by walkways. There is a kitchen and cookery workshop, a coffee house, a library, a gallery, an events space, and an archive with a permanent private collection of textiles on exhibition from different regions of Thailand, as well as special sections from Indonesia and Myanmar, and shops selling goods under the Kalm brand and designed by local communities.

ChiangMai Celadon

ChiangMai Celadon is a brand of celadon glazed ceramics, founded by Tassanee Yaja and including tableware, home décor, gifts, and souvenirs. A highly distinctive local craft, this form of celadon is classified as a stoneware that has been glazed with the ashes of laurel wood and the surface soil of rice paddies, well noted for its high iron content. Many layers of the glaze must be applied, causing a crazing effect in the glaze, and a unique green colour with a natural gloss.

Prempracha Ceramic Studio

Prempracha's Studio is one of Thailand’s leading ceramics factories due to its range of capabilities and its diverse creative team, whose members travel the world visiting studios, attending trade shows and seminars, and visiting collections in order to see the latest developments in ceramic artistry. The factory and showroom feature mould making and hand forming sections, glazing techniques, and hand painting studios. Produce includes tableware, vases, wall art, decorative items and garden accessories.

PaChaNa Studio

PaChaNa Studio creates distinctive handmade ceramics that combine inventive and often quirky designs with good quality and safety. Designs may take their theme from tradition, such as the Pinned collection, which is inspired by the traditional way that Thai people serve their meals in bowls made with banana leaf that is pinned with bamboo sticks on each corner. The Dimension cups are formed in the shape of hexagons with rustic edges and textures that interact with light and shadow.

Studio Naenna

In a lush setting with fruit and dye trees, Studio Naenna is a picturesque indigo dye shop featuring traditional Karen weavers and eco-friendly fabrics such as silk and cotton, together with public workshops. A community of women weavers, embroiderers, and designers run the studio, and here can be seen the deep blue from 25-year-old indigo dye vats, the materials used to create brilliant colours from leaves, seeds and woods, and the weaving of brocades on Karen back-strap looms.

Monsoon Tea

Monsoon Tea specialises in native tea grown in harmony with the forests of Northern Thailand, thereby preventing deforestation, preserving biodiversity, and providing local communities with a stable source of income. All of the teas are handpicked single origin from the undomesticated Camellia sinensis assamica tea plant, produced in the mountains and then flavoured and packaged in Chiang Mai. Monsoon Tea collaborates with the Tea Fauna Project to study biodiversity around the tea areas in Northern Thailand, in the belief that nature always knows best. 

Siamaya Chocolate

Siamaya Chocolate was created in Chiang Mai in 2017 and works directly with local farmers. Making bean-to-bar chocolate means taking total control of the chocolate-making process, and Siamaya make their own base chocolates from locally sourced Thai and Southeast Asian cacao beans. All ingredients added to make the many different chocolate flavours are natural and sourced from premium suppliers, and no additives are used in making the chocolate. Siamaya has been recognised with international chocolate certifications and awards.

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