Family-Friendly Activities

Ginger Farm

Ginger Farm is a fully operational farm growing organic rice and vegetables. The farm runs workshops on rice planting and harvesting, along with cooking and art classes. They also conduct team-building seminars for businesses. The setting of the restaurant is gorgeous, and the farm provides a great way to introduce kids to nature. Take a stroll through the rice paddy fields and vegetable gardens looking for freshwater crabs, and even collect your own farm-fresh eggs from right under the chicken.

Elephant Poopoopaper Park

Elephant Poopoopaper Park is an eco-friendly, naturally built, outdoor museum park focused on making incredible, inspiring and sustainable Poopoopaper products from elephant poo fibres.  The guided and interactive walking tour takes visitors through pavilions explaining each stage of the process, from collecting and cleaning through to product assembly, with demonstrations by the park’s skilled artisans. Take a gift home with you to provide an interesting memento of your visit!

InClay Studio

InClay Studio was established by Jirawong Wongtrangan in the serene orchard of the family home, and is where Jirawong and his small team of artist craftsmen design and create exquisite handmade ceramics. At a four-hour workshop you will learn how to build your very own cup, saucer and spoon, or create your own style of work. Included are basic materials, clay, glazes, and kiln firing. The workshop is suitable for beginners including children aged from eight years upwards.

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