River Cruising

Sunset Cruising

Shortly before the sun sets, board your boat at the pier and travel along the Ping River, north out of the city. Passing under the bridges, you will soon leave the city behind and enter a wide stretch of water with tree-lined banks. The boat will make a stop at a farmer’s house, and then turn round and cruise back along the river as darkness descends and lights come on in the riverside houses, restaurants and temples.

Mae Ping River Cruise Picnic

A daytime river cruise that journeys northwards out of the city into the open countryside, mooring at a local farmer’s house for visitors to see how produce such as rice, herbs, fruit and fishing are all undertaken in an organic environment. There is a choice of taking a meal from the hotel, or enjoying the farmer’s hospitality with a bowl of khao soi, the mild and creamy curry soup, together with a selection of side dishes.

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